My poor pitiful pony.

Baron is in bad shape with the rain rot. He had it two years ago pretty badly, and got a big bald patch on his rump. This time it’s worse. He has it on his cheeks, and down all four legs, inside and out. Luckily he hasn’t gotten it on his back or rump, so his thick fur is still there to protect him against the chill. It’s been up in the 50’s at night though, so not too chilly in these parts. I think the worst of it is over. He is already starting to grow new hair in the bald patches, but he is still losing hair in other places. Ugh, I despise rain rot.

I’m almost embarrassed to post these pictures, but they’re the truth about horse ownership. Sometimes your horse wins blue ribbons; sometimes your horse goes bald. For better or for worse, right? Two weeks ago he had a full coat of hair and today he is quite pathetic.

His neck and cheeks were two of the worst spots.
Bald patch on his leg. Awful.

3 thoughts on “My poor pitiful pony.

  1. Ruffles February 29, 2012 / 2:22 am

    Oh My Goodness. It’s a lot worse than I originally thought after reading your last post.
    Poor Baron. – Hope this lot of rain rot doesn’t last too long for you.

  2. kshai1715 February 29, 2012 / 5:17 pm

    Get this:

    Spray on. Leave alone.

    I love this stuff. Works great on scratches, rain rot, and bug bites.

    For bug bites with my mini mare, who seems to get bombarded, she really loses hair big time -in the summer, I will use either the Eqyss spray or just plain ole’ triple antibiotic ointment mixed with aloe skin lotion and that fixes her. That combo also works on rain rot.

    Good luck with Baron!

  3. Jenn March 26, 2012 / 7:35 pm

    My little QH mare gets a different form of rain rot every spring and fall. She gets the scabby version and I have to go through and wash her with betadine and pick all the yucky scabs off. Poor thing.

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