Mile by mile…

I don’t have time for super long conditioning rides. I fit in small rides 2 or 3 times a week and try to make the most of the time I have.

Today my friend and I did 3 miles, mostly walking. Baron was a little lethargic today. I’m not sure if his feet were bothering him (we went on some gravel) or if he is body sore or if he just wasn’t feeling it today. I’ve learned that I’m normally a practical, optimistic person, but with Baron I turn into a worrying, paranoid psycho. If he so much as flicks an ear wrong, I freak. He’s been injured so many times that I’m ultra sensitive about it. My friend had to remind me that he’s in great shape, his feet look good, and he’s looking better than he has in a while. That helped me calm down. 

I do want to get him some boots though. His feet are a work in progress. He is ouchy on gravel and he needs boots for rocky rides. In the pasture and on the road, he’s sound as can be, and eventually I’d like his feet to get tougher, but in the meantime he needs boots. 

That’ll be my next big expenditure. It’s always something with horses!