My horse is going bald.

Baron has been stalled for a couple days because it’s been raining. I’ve been trying to keep him clean and dry, but the rain just keeps on coming! Today it was 70 degrees so I gave him a bath with medicated shampoo. It looks like he is going to lose most of his hair. Yep, that’s right. It’s February and my horse is going to be virtually hairless. I am a bit depressed about this. šŸ˜¦


My poor pitiful pony.

Baron is in bad shape with the rain rot. He had it two years ago pretty badly, and got a big bald patch on his rump. This time it’s worse. He has it on his cheeks, and down all four legs, inside and out. Luckily he hasn’t gotten it on his back or rump, so his thick fur is still there to protect him against the chill. It’s been up in the 50’s at night though, so not too chilly in these parts. I think the worst of it is over. He is already starting to grow new hair in the bald patches, but he is still losing hair in other places. Ugh, I despise rain rot.

I’m almost embarrassed to post these pictures, but they’re the truth about horse ownership. Sometimes your horse wins blue ribbons; sometimes your horse goes bald. For better or for worse, right? Two weeks ago he had a full coat of hair and today he is quite pathetic.

His neck and cheeks were two of the worst spots.
Bald patch on his leg. Awful.

Poor Baron.

Poor old Baron has had it rough lately. I showed up at the barn and found him like this. I immediately flipped out and thought he was colicking. He was dirty, which meant he had been rolling, and he looked pitiful. I could tell he felt awful. Turns out he wasn’t colicking, lots of tummy noises and he was back on his feet within a few minutes. I guess we all have an off day now and then.

Next, we got a new horse at the barn who came in with some rain rot. So now of course Mr. Sensitivity has contracted that as well. It has been unseasonably wet and warm this winter and that isĀ paradise for the rain rot fungus/bacteria. It’s all over his cheeks and up around his ears. He looks like he has the mange. I’m too embarrassed to take a picture. The poor horse looks pretty pitiful. I can’t wait til summer when his glossy red coat comes back in!