Poor Baron.

Poor old Baron has had it rough lately. I showed up at the barn and found him like this. I immediately flipped out and thought he was colicking. He was dirty, which meant he had been rolling, and he looked pitiful. I could tell he felt awful. Turns out he wasn’t colicking, lots of tummy noises and he was back on his feet within a few minutes. I guess we all have an off day now and then.

Next, we got a new horse at the barn who came in with some rain rot. So now of course Mr. Sensitivity has contracted that as well. It has been unseasonably wet and warm this winter and that is paradise for the rain rot fungus/bacteria. It’s all over his cheeks and up around his ears. He looks like he has the mange. I’m too embarrassed to take a picture. The poor horse looks pretty pitiful. I can’t wait til summer when his glossy red coat comes back in!


3 thoughts on “Poor Baron.

  1. Debi February 25, 2012 / 1:01 am

    Hey there. have you tried the original yellow Listerine swabbed on the rain rot areas? It is weird, but cleans it asap! Smells nice too:)

  2. trainingbaron February 25, 2012 / 2:08 pm

    Yes, that’s what I used last time and it cleared it up really quickly. It’s way cheaper than MTG too!

  3. Ruffles February 28, 2012 / 6:53 pm

    Poor guy! I hope he’s feeling better soon.

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