Update on Baron’s Cut

happy horses

This last picture was taken 4 weeks after he cut himself. You can see from the picture that the cut is almost entirely closed. On the first day, the vet said it would take 6-8 weeks at the very least to heal, so I am quite happy with his speedy rate of recovery. I will be riding in no time! I thought the whole summer was shot, but now it looks like I’ll be back in the saddle sooner than expected. I would really, really like to end the summer with a horse show on MY horse!

Land Rover = Money Pit

Sorry for the silence. I have only been to the barn once in the past week because I have had major car trouble. I should just open the sunroof of my car and pour in the contents of my savings account. It’s that bad. Also, my mom is visiting for a week so I’ve been spending time with her.

Baron’s cut is almost completely closed up. I should be riding in a couple weeks- yippee! I promise to post something of interest soon!


Baron is healing every day and I should be able to ride him in about a month. Until then, here are some pictures of my new barn friends…

This is Herschel. He belongs to the people who own the property next door, but he spends all day every day at the barn. It’s a very happy place!

This is Mouse, Baron’s neighbor and girlfriend. She is a barrel racing Quarter Horse. I’ve seen her in action and she is quite the little firecracker!

“Hi, I’m Charlie. I’m quite possibly the cutest thing you’ve ever seen.”

This is Oakley. The picture doesn’t do her justice. She’s a Thoroughbred,  almost solid black and very nicely built. I cannot wait to ride her!

This is Ella Grace on the left and Penny on the right. Except for the blaze, they could be twins. I’ve ridden them both while Baron is healing, and I’ve gotten attached to Ella. My first ride on her she was SUCH a pill, but on subsequent rides she was a dream. She is very mare-ish, but she tries hard and she’s a good teacher for me. She will pin her ears at me after I feed her a treat, but then go in the arena and trot her little heart out. I got to take her over crossrails and she is teaching me to be a better rider. She will not let me be a passenger, and she’s certainly not going to cart me around just for kicks. She’ll cut corners or refuse a jump unless I’m paying attention and letting her know what I expect. She keeps me on my A game, that’s for sure! And her show name is “Glamour Kills,” which I think is sooooo cute!

Kentucky Derby!

Mucho Macho Man and his trainer Kathy Ritvo

Like most horse people and especially Thoroughbred fans, I will have my eyes glued to the TV this Saturday for the Kentucky Derby. If you haven’t picked a favorite, I’d like to draw your attention to Mucho Macho Man. His owners live in Georgia, just like me, and his trainer, Kathy Ritvo, is a woman. If Mucho Macho Man wins, she will be the first female trainer to win the Derby. She has one heck of a story. In 2008 she underwent a heart transplant and was out of the hospital and back to the barn in a mere seven days. She still takes a medicine cabinet full of pills every day, but she is doing well and doing what she loves. They say it takes heart to win the Derby, and this trainer has plenty!

Mucho Macho Man- he's a cutie!