It’s official. He’s a hunter.

2014-10-12 19.02.08

Take a good long look at this picture. See how round he is! How he’s really stepping under himself! How his head is lowered and his ears are pricked! He is perfect! PERFECT!!!

When I first bought Baron, he rode like a giraffe. or maybe a frightened camel. Now he looks like a show horse. I’m so ecstatic I could just die.


And all of this without a martingale or a crazy bit or draw reins! Hell, we don’t even have a trainer! He’s finally learned how to carry himself (and me) in the easiest and most correct way. Oh how many years it took to get here! So much time and so much money! So many hours in the saddle just trying to be a better rider so that my horse could be his best, and now look, here is proof that hard work and correct riding will pay off eventually!


I am still an intermediate rider at very best. My elbows need to be more bent and my leg could be further underneath me. And I’m pretty sure I was on the wrong diagonal most of this ride. But my horse is getting it, and I’m slowly but surely improving as well. I could not be more proud of him. He looks like a perfect hunter pony, and he’s able to carry himself like this for more than just a short burst. He’s getting into shape and I’m trying hard to do the same.


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