I got another horse.

I know, I know. I just learned how to correctly ride the horse I already have. But wait, there’s a story.

This summer a horse came to my barn. He’s a little grade quarter horse with a white star named Thunder. His owner was a 20-ish girl who had basically lost interest in him, or had too many other things going on to give him the attention he deserved. She would forget to drop off his feed, didn’t schedule the farrier and basically didn’t take great care of him. So I started taking care of him. I bought his feed, called the farrier and paid for him to get his feet done several times. In her defense, she did pay me back, but we’re supposed to be a self-care barn and she wasn’t caring.


From the beginning, I told my husband what a great kids’ horse Thunder would make. My husband offered to buy him, but his owner wanted an exorbitant amount of money for him and I refused. All through the summer my husband would ask about little ole Thunder and how he was doing. This is a horse my husband has never even seen, and a horse I didn’t want to buy. If I was going to get a 2nd horse, I wanted a grey. Baron was supposed to be a grey, but I fell in love and the rest is history. So I kept taking care of Thunder and his owner kept hemming and hawing about selling him.

I’m going to cut out a bunch of this story for privacy reasons (hers, not mine), but basically his owner made a responsible decision to sell him. So I marketed the hell out of him to all my horse friends. He’s a cute mover, great conformation, great with kids, excellent trail horse, mellow on the ground and under saddle, just a good all around horse. He had three people lined up to look at him and ride. One woman came out and really liked him, but wanted her trainer to come see him before she wrote a check.


That same day my kids fell off Baron on a trail ride. They were riding double in a western saddle, he bunny hopped over a ditch on the trail, and down they went. They were both wearing helmets and they landed on soft mud, so no one was hurt. My 4 year old didn’t even cry. Both kids got back on and rode back to the barn with no problems.

But husband was not happy. He said if I insisted on riding with the kids, then I needed to get them a kid safe horse. Baron is a good fellow, but he’s big and he’s not really a kids’ horse. So I said, “Well then, we need to buy Thunder.” And we did.

I texted his owner and said if it didn’t work out with the potential buyers, to let me know. She said she would rather sell him to me and still get to see him since he would be staying at the same barn. We agreed on a fair price and she included some of his tack and grooming stuff. I agreed that she can come visit whenever.

I now have two horses, and neither one of them is a grey, even though I am completely obsessed with greys. But both are wonderful horses and worth their weight in gold just based on attitude alone. Thunder needs a lot of work, and my next post will go into that. For now, here’s a picture of the little guy and my little girl.

2014-10-20 06.38.06


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