Sunrise Ride: Totally Worth It!


I rode at 6 this morning. I’m not a morning person, so that’s hard for me. But it was totally worth it. First we did our farthest ever off-property ride. About a 10 minute ride from my barn is a huge grassy lot that is currently empty. I’m sure it will be developed soon, but until then it is the perfect riding spot- grassy and flat! Baron was AWESOME. We passed lots of scary things- cars, early morning power walkers, trash cans, church signs, etc… He was very calm and level headed about it. When we got to the empty lot, he amped up the excitement level. There’s something about a wide open space that makes him want to RUN. I kept him mostly to a walk, let him trot a little, but didn’t do any cantering. Then he walked back to the barn like a champ, only bunny hopping once when a trash can fell over.


Once back at the barn, we did a little trot work. He was moving so nicely after hacking out. He was relaxed at the walk and trot and just an absolute joy to ride. My biggest hurdle today was my fitness level. My legs get tired and my riding gets sloppy! I need to get back in shape in a hurry.






I’m just so happy with how we’re progressing. He looks like a completely different horse than he used to, and my riding is improving slowly but surely. He’s a rock star. I’m so in love.