Happy Anniversary Baron!

Today marks 6 years since I bought Baron. Best decision I ever made!

I’m not sure what happened, but it’s like someone flipped a switch and Baron became a hunter. I’m not sure if my riding is finally improving enough for him to improve, or if all the trail riding taught him to carry himself in a rounder way, or if we’ve just logged the necessary hours for him to strengthen his back and move correctly. But whatever it is, I’ll take it! He looks great!


My favorite part of all this is that we didn’t use any gadgets to accomplish it. We ride in a snaffle bit and I’ve never ridden him with a martingale. We put in a lot of time and I obsessed about my position. I knew the secret to getting a round horse wasn’t in tying his head down. I knew that if I improved, he would eventually improve. It took a lot of time, but now he rides like this all time. All the time! Even on trails! This is how he carries himself and it has nothing to do with equipment!


We’re not perfect, but most riders never reach perfection. Is there even a such thing as perfection in riding? We are definitely improving however, and that’s enough for me. I’ll never be a professional, Grand Prix rider, but I can work hard to have a stronger leg and softer hands, to be the kind of rider that improves a horse by riding him. That’s a worthy goal and one that takes time!


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