The magnificent steed has been wounded in battle. Actually he was standing around being happy and cheerful when the new mare kicked the crap out of him for no reason. She has back shoes. (I hate back shoes!) He got a cut about an inch and a half long on the inside of his front left leg, just under the armpit. It was fine on day 1. No big deal. Day 2 it swelled up like a hairy sausage.


This is a condition called cellulitis, a subcutaneous infection caused by bacteria let in by an often tiny cut. The cure is antibiotics, cold hosing and hand walking. It’s funny, I have a similar sounding condition on my upper legs, but it’s cured by diet and exercise instead of antibiotics. By Day 3, Barons’ cut had started to ooze lovely yellow pus. That was good though because the infection was working its way out and the swelling started to go down. I had to press the area around the cut to bring the pus out. I’m one of those wierdos that loves boils and zits and anything that pops, so this was actually thrilling for me. I was very dedicated to my nursing duties and made sure he got de-pussed and cold hosed every day.


Pictured above is Baron’s mad face. “Stop poking me. It hurts.”

We are now on Day 7 and he is almost completely back to normal. The swelling is down and the cut is healing. Crisis averted. Thank God.


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