What is this ‘free time’ you speak of?

My kids start school this year, both of them. Elle is going into 1st grade and Hunter into preschool. I have Thursdays off from work and both children will be in school, safely watched by SOMEONE ELSE. Do you know what this means?!? I can ride my horse! Consistently! Every Thursday at the very least! I have waited 6 long years for this!

With that in mind, I have some goals for the fall and winter. Oh how I wish I could show, but I have no trailer, so that’s out. We’re just going to focus on the basics. Rather than trying to jump or worry about ribbons, I’m going to use the dressage tests as a guide to get solid basics with Baron. Starting with Training Level we’re going to work through each test. I don’t have a square arena so I can’t ride the tests exactly how they’re laid out, but I can work on what each test is supposed to accomplish, like a smooth halt, rhythmic gaits, relaxation and happy, willing, forward movement.

The training level tests should be pretty quick. I think we do many of those things well, although I’m just guessing on my 20 meter circles with no letters to judge by. I draw a circle with my eyes and then try and get as close to that ideal as possible. Intro is more difficult because the canter is introduced and we need major work at the canter. I still ride in half seat at the canter instead of sitting it. Baron almost always tosses his head on the first center step. I’m not sure whether that’s because of excitement or annoyance at an unclear aid, so we’ll have to work that out.

I just want to be a good rider, a rider that makes a horse better. I want Baron to have a solid foundation and be an all around pleasure to ride.


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