I’ve been riding more lately, not taking lessons, just riding for fun. We ride in a small pasture, down a residential street with rabid Chihuahuas and finally onto a trail through the woods. My barn isn’t fancy, but it does offer a nice place to ride. I used to think I would never progress in my riding without a proper arena, but now I realize that’s hogwash. Riding anywhere will help me progress as a rider and I honestly think hacking out for fun over the past couple years has improved my riding considerably. I still have a long way to go, but at last I feel that I can influence Baron positively. I’m used to the way he moves, I’m relaxed on him and I’m finally balanced enough for him to round up his back and lower his head. He’s out of shape and I am way out of shape, but I think we look okay considering how sporadically I’ve ridden over the past couple years.



 These are some still shots from a video I took today. Like I said, I’m nothing special, but I think Baron is looking good. He’s relaxed, ears pricked forward like he’s having fun and he’s rounding up through his back. He needs to develop more of a topline, but he doesn’t run around with a hollow back and his neck up high like a camel. In the video he stays consistently in a nice frame. I wasn’t trying to put him in a frame. It just happens naturally now that I’m more balanced. I still need to get my leg further underneath me and I feel like I stick my elbows out like a chicken. Always something to improve on!


As always, I welcome advice on improving my riding! 


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