I figured out how to update my blog from my phone. So convenient!

I rode twice this week, despite the rain and dismal weather. It was warm, just grey and gross. Today was the first time it was dry enough to do more than walk. We cantered up and down the dirt road a few times and Baron was wonderful. He was relaxed and round and I didn’t feel like I was riding an explosive device. He was relaxed enough that I let go of his mane and rode with a loose rein. My canter seat (well, half seat actually) is not the best so I’m careful not to balance on his mouth. At the pace we were going I would have felt comfortable doing some crossrails. I felt totally in control.

Also, I’ve been riding Baron long enough to know his tricks. When he wsnts to be cheeky, he pulls his head down and pulls the reins through my fingers or pulls my upper body forward to throw off my balance. I get discombobulated and he gets a break from working. Lately I haven’t been falling for this trick. I don’t know if it’s more upper body strength or better balance, but I’m not so easily taken advantage of these days. I just hold tight and add leg and he realizes his trick isn’t working. I have to admit it’s very satisfying to notice these small improvements in my riding.

Me, my 18 month old and Baron.

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