An adventure…

Hunter meets the ponies.

So my trainer has taken up residence at a barn down the road with a lovely new arena. The road between our two barns is a semi-quiet residential road with houses and neighborhoods on both sides. This weekend I hand walked Baron down the road to check out the new barn. My kids were with me, so my trainer drove my car with the kids in their carseats while I walked Baron. It’s a 10 minute walk and my hope is to one day be able to ride Baron there and back. I’m going to keep hand walking him until he gets used to it. He was actually a rockstar about the whole thing. He had many chances to spook and flip out (dogs, motorcycles, people slowing down and opening up the car door to gawk at him), but he was a champ and walked calmly beside me the whole way.

You know your mom is horse crazy when...

Once we were at the other barn, my trainer rode Baron for a little while. My 3 year old daughter met two little girls and their ponies, and said she wanted to ride ponies like the big girls (YES!). I didn’t ride because I had to keep an eye on the kiddos. I would classify it as a successful day even though I didn’t ride!

little girls and ponies

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