A good canter…

at the handy new hitching post

Slow and Steady Smiler did a post a while back about how less than optimal boarding facilities won’t keep you from progressing if you’re determined enough. Just because you don’t have an indoor arena and a high class set-up doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your horse and even progress in your riding. I can say this from experience. I have been at both ends of the boarding spectrum and I have to say I prefer the self-care situation. With Baron back at a self-care, limited facility barn, I am so much happier simply because I see him EVERY day, rain or shine, bad mood or good mood, busy or not busy. I like seeing him every day, even if it means giving up the indoor.

I rode for the first time at my new barn. I rode first in the little arena, just some walk/trot, get the stiffness out  kind of work. Then we rode down a side road with long stretches of grass on both sides. We walked or trotted one direction, then cantered back the other way. Baron’s canter is still very “excited.” It’s like riding a race car. I can feel him wanting to accelerate and I have to remind him that he has a passenger that prefers to go slow. We cantered until he settled down and gave me a nice, rhythmic gait.

He really is a joy to ride. He has so much energy and athleticism. It still amazes me that such a powerful animal allows himself to be ridden. What an amazing sport we have, because it’s a partnership as well as an athletic endeavor. It’s good to be a horse person!



One thought on “A good canter…

  1. Allison January 21, 2012 / 6:27 pm

    I enjoyed this post because I do get to care for our horses and I don’t have an indoor arena (not that I would turn down a free one.) 😉 So often when Dream is playing in pasture I too am amazed that they let us ride and direct that strength.

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