Tell me I’m crazy.

I had a wild idea last night, an idea I never thought I would have, but it appeared in my brain unannounced, out of nowhere. I had the idea of giving Baron to my trainer. Her horse died last week at the age of 30. Her horse, Tess, was a champion hunter and together they enjoyed lots of success in the show ring. My trainer’s other horse is a large pony that she gives lessons on.

After the idea popped into my head, I gave it some thought. I have some problems with my current situation.

Problem # 1-  I love the barn I’m at, but I hardly ever get to see Baron. Having him at a fancy barn gives me access to awesome facilities, but it means I can’t see him as often.   Two or three times a week is not enough for me. I miss him! I miss the days when I saw him at least once a day.

Problem #2- I can’t afford his board, paying the farrier for shoes all the way around, and lessons and shows on top of that. With both my kids at a babysitter while I work 4 days a week, I can’t afford to be a horse show queen right now.

Assuming my trainer would want Baron (and I think she would, as he is the envy of the barn), I know she would give him a forever home and turn him into a champion. She would never overwork, overuse or abuse him in any way, like some trainers will do.

Not having the expense of horse ownership means that I could spend that money on lessons and shows. I could still work on being a better rider and enjoy the show scene that I love so much.

But I’m torn. I adore Baron. Sometimes I think I should move him closer to me and forget about showing. I could just enjoy having a horse again, instead of feeling stressed about the expense of trying to own and show. I also promised Baron I would take care of him FOREVER. Giving him away means I’m trusting someone else to fulfill that promise.

Please, give me any feedback you have.


3 thoughts on “Tell me I’m crazy.

  1. Steph November 15, 2011 / 6:28 pm

    It sounds like a really difficult decision, one which I don’t envy at all… It sounds like you still want to be a horse owner though, and still want to own Baron. Is there any reason you can’t move him closer, get lessons with the trainer and show too? I’d imagine you’d save a bit from cheaper board, so you could use that extra money toward showing.

  2. Amy November 15, 2011 / 8:53 pm

    WOW I agree I do not envy this decision nor can I help you with it. You alone will have to decide what is most important to you at this point in your life. Horse ownership, developing a relationship, training a horse or becoming a better rider. For me a lot would depend on whether or not I feel I am in a place in my riding that I could effectively train a horse. If you cannot afford lessons yet are not experienced to train on your own then I would say something has to give. I am just going to be honest here, I hope you don’t take it wrong because I am not a fantastic rider either. From what I have seen of your riding you are not going to be able to train Baron without lessons and even with lesson it will be slow going(BTW there is nothing wrong with slow going, I much prefer slower training anyways). IF it was me(and it is not) I would move Steady to a place I could afford board + lessons because I can deal with slow training, I would much rather do that than improper training or just as bad no progress but I don’t want to live without that connection with my horse. Because there are times in my life that I just don’t have motivation to ride but I can still kiss, hug, pet, groom and love on my horse. But if you feel stuck and don’t feel like you are moving forward in your training as a rider or Barons training then that would be a different story for me. I am ok with slow progress because it is progress but I would not be ok with being stagnant. Good luck and keep us updated.

  3. Oregon Sunshine November 16, 2011 / 3:34 pm

    I made the decision to have Casey and Molly at home. I just wasn’t happy when I couldn’t see them every day, as was the case with boarding. Having them at home meant that I could see them all the time, but I could not find a trainer to come to us (we lost our truck on the move from Oregon- Casey came over with a professional shipper, thankfully!)

    I’m moving next week to a bigger place. I’ve acquired a few more horses. And the area I’m moving to has trainers that will come to us, even if it costs a bit more money.

    My sacrifice means I don’t have fancy show barn type facilities or anyone to ride with regularly. However, it has improved my relationship with my horses immensely.

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