Show Season!

It’s been a month since I’ve posted, and I apologize. I have been very busy with my kiddos and my work, and I have neglected to keep my blog friends posted on the ups and downs of horse ownership. Unfortunately I have not been able to ride much because of Baron’s feet. To make a long story short, Baron threw a shoe and the farrier couldn’t come out for about a week. Then Baron got an abscess which burst on his heel. All of that is cleared up now and I have a lesson tonight and a schooling show Saturday.

The show is just a schooling show at my barn, but I’m excited because no matter how un-prestigious it is, it’s still a chance to showcase how far Baron has come since I got him almost 4 years ago. We’re doing a flat class and a crossrail class. I’m a little nervous about the crossrail class since we haven’t been able to practice much. B seems to enjoy jumping though and I’m sure we’ll be fine.

My friend Tiffany leases a lovely Thoroughbred named Sterling who was rescued by my barn and turned into a lesson horse. His body condition score was a 2 when he was rescued a year ago. Now he is fat, happy, and winning ribbons with Tiffany. They will be doing the same class as Baron and me, so we will be in good company.

Horse ownership is expensive and time consuming, and I’m thankful that I’m lucky enough to own Baron. When he has vet bills and expensive shoes and bouts of lameness, it’s easy to get frustrated; but when I ride and hang out with my horse friends and watch transformations like Baron and Sterling,’s it’s all worth it!

Here we are at the walk, which is about all we've been able to do lately!

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