In Which I Do Not Completely Suck…

I have jumping pictures and I feel pretty good about them. They are awfully blurry because they’re stills taken from video. This is one of the first times I’ve looked at pictures of myself riding and NOT thought, “Oh, wow, I suck.” There’s always room for improvement, so feel free to give me some tips.

# 1
Picture # 1:  I like this one the best because of his ears. They’re pricked! Doesn’t he look happy and like he enjoys his job? I think we look like we’re working as a team.
Picture # 2
Picture #2 – The moment before take-off. I can’t tell if my heel is down far enough because of the blur. I’m in 2 point with my eyes and chest up. I have a feeling my heel could be driven down further.
Picture # 3
Picture # 3 – I think my heel has dropped down in this one. Chest and eyes up, having a blast!
Picture # 4

Picture # 4 – My heel is definitely down in this one. It looks like I managed to stay upright and still give him enough room to follow through with his head. I can tell because there’s a little slack in the reins. Even though he’s looking down, I managed to keep my head and eyes up. Also, notice the suicidal cat who decided to sprint directly across our path.

I have a ton more pictures, but they look almost identical. My position stays the same over and over on the jumps. I know I can improve, but at least I’m consistent. My leg pretty much stays put and I keep my head up. I’m excited to jump higher, but I really want to be as perfect as possible at crossrails first.
By the way, I freaking love this. I’m addicted. All I can think about is getting back out to the barn again!

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