My new horse friends…

This is Oakley.

We’re in love. Well, I’m in love with her and she tolerates me. I bring her and Baron an apple every day and I hose them both off during my lunch break. She’s an OTTB, rescued from auction. Her body style reminds me a lot of Baron. Once she gets some muscle and gets a few adjustments, I think she’s going to be a really nice horse. I’m hoping I’ll get to ride her at some point. Her show name is Chilean Princess, which I think fits her better than Oakley. She’s a bit of a diva, but the chiro said she’s in a lot of pain and that is probably why she seems irritable.

This is John.

He’s a large Welsh pony, not sure exactly how tall, and he’s the one I’ve been riding while Baron is laid up. This picture was snapped at 5 o’clock this morning when I rode. He did not appreciate the flash in his face at 5 a.m. He is getting much better about refusing. This morning he didn’t try to run out at all. He stalled and tried to refuse but I pushed him over twice and then he was perfect for the rest of the ride. I love riding John. I’m learning to keep him straight to the jump and how to ride the turns so that we come in straight on the approach.

I had a lesson on Sunday morning and my trainer said my leg is staying put and I’m holding my position very well over crossrails. Verticals are my next challenge. My trainer doesn’t give compliments unless they’re earned, so when she says I did well, I know I really did well.

At this stage of the game my focus is a straight approach, shoulders back, chest up and leg in place. Jumping crossrails isn’t “hard,” but this is where I’m building my foundation for the higher jumps. George Morris says it’s easy to jump higher but it’s hard to jump better. I want to jump better!


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