More Riding Pics!

My friend and her 12 year old daughter came out to ride with me yesterday. She does dressage and just bought her first horse. We played around on Baron for a little while and got some good pictures.

I have come to two major conclusions about my riding:

1. When I ride I FEEL like my leg is underneath me but it’s not. This means I have to stick it so far back that it feels like it’s behind me. Like a commenter said, if it feels wierd then I’m probably doing it right.

2. I ride with my reins way too loose. I feel like Baron is actually seeking contact and looking for my hand. He relaxes when he knows what’s expected of him, and I think if I get a good solid leg underneath me, a balanced, independent seat and good contact then his head will naturally come down.

So here’s the pictures. Interestingly, I don’t look as flustered at the canter as I felt while we cantered. My heel stayed down pretty well. Aaaah, some signs of progress! As always, feel free to give me tips. Thank you for continuing to read my tedious position posts!

#1- Cantering. My heel is down and I have a pretty straight line from elbow to bit. A split second of good riding!
#2- I love how round he is in this one. I'm a little hunched. Need to sit up straight!


#3- The sitting part of posting. Leg is in front of me.
#4- The standing part of posting. Looks like my heel creeps up a little.
#5- A lovely example of chair position.
Happiness is this right here.
My friend's 12 year old riding Baron bareback on a loose rein. He's such a good boy!

One thought on “More Riding Pics!

  1. Jenn July 1, 2011 / 3:42 pm

    One suggestion on getting those legs under you where they should be….lose the stirrups. Even if you just drop them at the walk and the trot you’ll be forced to sit correctly and not brace against your stirrups as it appears you are doing. When you first settle into the saddle, drop your stirrups and pull your heel to your butt while keeping your butt in the saddle. You’ll feel a big time stretch in the front of your thighs and try to point your knee to the ground in this position. Drop your leg and leave your thigh where it is when you touch heel to butt. It will feel WRONG, but it’s right. Do this regularly during your ride because your thigh WILL creep back to where it’s used to being. Heel to butt, drop your heel and let your leg swing from the KNEE, not the thigh. When your leg position is right the low heel will follow without being forced because you’ll have a relaxed ankle and your weight will be able to flow properly from hip through knee through ankle down heel.

    Baron is looking great! He is showing some really relaxed and rounded moments…those moments will start blending together the stronger he becomes and the more he understands.

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