Beginner Jumping- Great Online Article!

In my last entry someone commented and gave me this link. It’s the Glenshee Equestrian Centre blog, which has lots of very useful articles for horse- obsessed people like me who like to read about riding when we’re not actually riding. This article sings the praises of the automatic release vs. the crest release. My favorite part is the advice about using hills to work on your jumping position without having to actually jump anything. This would be an excellent exercise for me. I’ll have to see if I can find some hills near the barn!

I’m re-reading George Morris’ hunt seat equitation book and he  advocates the automatic release over the crest release, but says it’s for advanced riders. The author of the Glenshee article seems to think it should be aimed for by everyone, even beginner jumpers, and that it’s never to early to start working toward the automatic release. I’m a big fan of learning to do things correctly right from the beginning even if it takes longer. With that in mind, I will definitely be referring back to this article as Baron and I progress.

Also, I stole this picture from the Glenshee Equestrian blog ( I love this picture! This girl is jumping bareback with such good form that you almost wouldn’t notice there’s no saddle. This is definitely what I aspire to!

Just for fun, here’s Baron hanging out.


One thought on “Beginner Jumping- Great Online Article!

  1. Barbara June 22, 2011 / 11:22 pm

    Just my opinion. Beginners need something to hold onto to avoid bashing the horse in the mouth and it helps them find their balance faster. Everyone should grab mane when the going gets tough, that’s what it’s there for.
    I like a neck strap, it gives the rider the confidence of something to grab and encourages them to follow the neck forward with hands along side of the neck instead of perched on top.
    Thanks for the link, I love a good blog.

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