Equitation Videos… and some fun stuff

I’ve been watching a lot of videos on youtube of hunter and equitation classes. Watching the way the rider moves helps me figure out how my own position when I ride. This may sound odd, but I try to imitate what I see in the videos. I’ll share a couple of my favorites…

This one is Zazou Hoffman winning the Maclay Equitation Final in 2009. The thing that stands out to me in this video is that her lower leg NEVER moves. It’s glued in place. It. Never. Freaking. Moves.

The next one is Sara Green, an adult amateur. I think she is a smoother rider than Zazou, and again, her lower leg is glued in place.

This next one is Victoria Birdsall winning the 2010 North American Equitation Championship. I think she is the smoothest rider of all. Her horse is pretty adorable as well, that dark bay the judges seem to love.

For fun, here’s another OTTB working nicely. This is where I’d like to get Baron eventually.

And because greys are my favorite, here’s a super cute grey OTTB. Baron is my forever horse, but perhaps one day I can get one of these as a project…



One thought on “Equitation Videos… and some fun stuff

  1. amyjopik June 22, 2011 / 3:17 am

    when you and baron start jumping please study a bit on the different styles. this blogger did a great post on the automatic (following) release vs. the crest release. the crest release seems to be the most popular now, but it is the ugliest and so lazy!! look at photos of hunter derby’s and the top junior riders and they are all falling on their horses necks. then compare the photos of classic riders using the automatic release and you can see how much better it is for supporting the horse. just a thought!

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