Back in business!

Baron has been cleared for riding! I’ve been hopping on him bareback in the arena during my lunch break, and next week we get to start lessons again. We’ll be starting with poles on the ground and then crossrails. I’m so excited I could explode! When I bought Baron 3 years ago, I pictured us in the hunter ring doing small courses. Finally this dream is beginning to come true!

One thing I love about owning a horse is the aspect of partnership. Baron and I are learning together and becoming a team. Whatever discipline, whether it’s dressage or jumpers or whatever, the horse and rider learn how to communicate with each other. At the beginning the communication is muffled but, as they get better, both horse and rider learn how to speak each other’s language.   I can’t wait to tackle a course and feel that we’re communicating.

Since I’ve never jumped, even going over a crossrail is thrilling for me. Feeling the horse’s front end lift up and that brief millisecond where we take off is still a rush. Even more than the jumping though, subtle things like shortening or lengthening his stride are the things I look forward to. Being a rider with finesse appeals to me, the ability to move a horse around with such apparent ease that the observer can’t detect my signals.

It’s such a fun journey, this learning how to ride thing. I appreciate everyone who reads and comments on my journey and I love reading about all my online horse friends!


3 thoughts on “Back in business!

  1. Oregon Sunshine June 11, 2011 / 4:15 pm

    I have an ot, barn related question for you. Is there somewhere I can email you? Thanks!

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