Best Lunch Break Ever!

My friend took this picture at her parents' farm.

I usually ride up to the barn on my lunch breaks and hang out with Baron. Yesterday I hosed him off since it’s already in the 90’s here. Today I did much better. We went for a swim in the river! A couple girls grabbed a couple horses and headed through a trail in the woods to a narrow river that runs through the barn property. Baron and I tagged along. He is usually a bit water-phobic, not crazy about getting his prissy little hooves wet. Today he watched his girlfriend Bailey wade in up to her chest and he followed her right in without any hesitation. We had the horses on leadropes and we waded in with them, all of us enjoying a break from the heat. It was deep enough for the horses to swim if they wanted or stand quietly in the cool water. It was one of those perfect moments when all the board payments and the vet bills are worth it, the kind of moment I’ll look back on as an old lady and smile. “Remember how we used to go swimming with the horses? Those were the days…”

The funny part is that I work in scrubs and I had them on when I went swimming.  I had no other clothes to change into but I certainly wasn’t going to miss a chance to swim with my pony, so I waded in anyway. I drove home in just my underwear since my clothes were sopping wet. Good thing I didn’t get pulled over. Can you imagine? “Excuse me, ma’am but you’re not wearing any pants.” “Yes, officer, but there’s a perfectly reasonable explanation. I was swimming with my horse!”



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