I’m a winner! I win things!

This past weekend my new barn had a little schooling show for all the lesson kids. They had three adult classes and I got to hop in at the last minute. It was quite possibly the best day of my life. I know I’m supposed to pick getting married and having babies, but OMG, horse shows are way more fun than that!

I rode a big Belgian mare named Roxy who I had never ridden before. She and her sister Rosie were rescued out of a killpen and brought to Blue Skies. They were pitiful and skinny when they arrived, but they’re happy and healthy now. They are still gaining their weight back, but they are such pretty girls even if they’re a little on the skinny side.

The three classes were a walk/trot, walk/trot with no stirrups, and trotting over ground poles in two point. The Belgians were a driving team before they came to Blue Skies, so they want to walk next to each other all the time. They do NOT like to walk in a single file line. So during the show, the girl riding the other Belgian and I were trying to get our girls to stay in a single file line. It didn’t work so well!

We didn’t coordinate our outfits; it just happened that way, I swear!


You can tell that this was not a serious, stuffy show because my friend is riding in a surgical boot!

When we did the ground pole portion, the Belgians trotted side by side through the fences over the poles. It was like synchronized swimming but with giant horses. Everyone in the audience thought it was really cute!

I ended up with three ribbons- one fourth, one third, and one second. SECOND PLACE! Woo hoo! That’s super close to winning! I was walking on air all weekend. I won a RIBBON!


One thought on “I’m a winner! I win things!

  1. Bridget April 30, 2011 / 10:19 pm

    Congrats! When is your next show! I’m planning on my 1st this season Memorial Day weekend. It’s local & very casual. Hope you are back on Baron soon!

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