I was on my way to church on Sunday with my kids and husband all dressed up in our Sunday best when I checked my cell phone and found a voicemail from my trainer. She said Baron had jumped out of the pasture and injured himself pretty badly. I immediately called her back and found out that he had gashed his side on the wooden fence post as he jumped over. The vet was there and had cleaned the wound, but couldn’t stitch it because the cut was too jagged. Now here’s the picture:

I just about fainted when I saw this. Luckily there was no muscle damage and no reason why he won’t fully recover. He is on double antibiotics and can’t be worked for 6- 8 weeks, but thank God it isn’t any worse than it is. The vet said it’s ugly, but not as serious as it looks.

At his new barn he gets lots of attention and I’m confident that they’re taking good care of him. He went there to be a lesson horse and is now laid up on stall rest. They were very cool about that. The owner said, “That’s horses for you.”

Here’s one more picture of all the little girls petting Baron and feeling sorry for him.

Also, my trainer told me she thinks the pony gelding he was pastured with was picking on him and he jumped the fence to try and get away from the pony. Baron is SUCH a weenie!


2 thoughts on “Yikes!

  1. Allison April 18, 2011 / 10:32 pm

    Oh gosh I am SO sorry but I am SO glad that he’s going to be okay!! I know it’s a bummer because you have just been riding him a lot~ but I know that most of all you just want him to get better. I and some others were just commenting about how these times actually can be used for good (if it HAS to happen, making the best of it…) and increased bonding is often the result. I know it also teaches the whole family that horses are fallible, too. (I’d just finished mentioning Dreamer’s ‘nail in foot’ episode, spring 2009.) I hope the healing all goes fine!!!

  2. Oregon Sunshine April 20, 2011 / 1:46 am

    I’m so sorry about that! I had a mare corner my Arab gelding near the pasture gate once. He decided it was safer going over it than being pinned by Her Royal Nastiness (her owner put her out with my gelding AFTER he was there first). Taz, my gelding, almost but didn’t quite make the jump. He ended up with his legs tangled in the gate, with the metal all twisted. Needless to say, I got a very panicky call from the BO about my gelding having broken his leg, on MOTHER’S DAY. Luckily, it wasn’t broken, only swollen and a couple weeks later he was right as rain. But I spent Mother’s Day, cleaning up all his scrapes, in a nice, white dress, because we were out at brunch when the call came in. There’s no telling what those silly horses are going to do if they feel picked on, besides getting gashed up.

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