I’m a lucky girl!

This will be me and B someday...

This week was my kids’ first week at the new babysitter. At the old babysitter, I would pick my daughter up on my lunch break and spend my two hour lunch break with her and my son. The new babysitter is too far away for this to be possible, so now I have a two hour lunch break all to myself with no babies to tend to! I feel very lucky to have this block of time all to myself!

So guess what I did on my lunch break today? Why yes, I rode my fabulous horse! I got a quick 20 minute ride, just worked on walk/trot/canter. Baron was great; he’s starting to get the cantering thing. For so long I was afraid to let him canter for fear that I wouldn’t be able to bring him back down. I’m proud to say that he very, very rarely tried to canter. I believe he sensed my trepidation and was respectful of my desire to take it slow.

I’m able to get a trot to canter transition without a lot of fuss now. I get up in two point,  give him a squeeze and off he goes. He’s been great about keeping it slow and not jetting off across the pasture. Sometimes when I squeeze he gives a little buck, almost like a bunny hop. I’m not sure what to do about this. Is it irritation about being asked to work harder? Is it excess energy? Perhaps I am giving him confusing aids?

On a different topic, I’m reading a book of short stories about the horse/human connection, communication with animals and the esoteric/spiritual side of our relationships with horses. A lot of the authors talk about the deep bond they have with their horses; some of the authors claim to be able to communicate telepathically with their horses. I honestly believe that’s possible, but can’t say I’ve ever experienced it. It did get me thinking about the relationship I have with Baron.

I wonder if Baron loves me. I know he is fond of me because I represent good things like a bucket full of grain, a clean water bucket, cookies and butt scratches. But if I sold him and all of a sudden he had a new girl to love him, would he remember me and miss me or would he forget all about me? Horses very often show signs of depression when separated from their horse friends. I wonder if Baron feels that same sort of affection for me?

I do believe that Baron remembers his life as a racehorse and much prefers his new life. I have no concrete evidence of this; it’s just a feeling I have. I suppose I base it on Baron’s happy-go-lucky attitude. He has positive, upbeat energy and he tries hard to please me. I believe he understands that his new job is to be my horse. I ask him to walk, trot and canter around an arena and in return he gets free food, rent and treats. Not a bad deal if you ask me!


One thought on “I’m a lucky girl!

  1. Allison March 8, 2011 / 10:34 pm

    I used to wonder the same thing about Dream until a horse friend stayed with us and told me he has “eyes only for me.” I wondered if it was just food, too, but you know what? I bet Baron LOVES you. You already mentioned that he tries hard to please you.

    Dream gives a hop before a canter, too. I was told he’d ‘freshen’ out of it with more work. He’s only done it in the arena. He has asked to canter on trail sometimes, and I’ve let him. It is a very nice canter and he lets me stop him, so… 🙂

    One day he ‘raced’ past our pony who happened to be in front. hahaha I was happy for him because I was told he did not ‘like’ racing. I guess he knew his job after all~!

    It’s more fun in an orchard in Vermont, I guess. ❤

    Baron is beautiful. We are all so blessed.

    Best wishes with the schedule; I am right there with you. 🙂

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