Change is good. Sometimes.

Recently I’ve become convinced that my saddle is too small for me and doesn’t fit Baron properly. He was getting way too many white hairs in the saddle area. I decided I needed to start searching for a new saddle. My local tack shop consigns saddles and they let you try them out for a week before making a decision, which I think is very cool. They had some very nice, make you drool sort of saddles, like a beautiful brown Stubben dressage saddle. It was only a 15 inch though and out of my price range. I did find a lovely older Collegiate 17 inch for a great price. I took it for a week, got to ride in it 3 times and I loved it! I’m no saddle fitting expert, but it seems to fit him much better. I also feel much better in it, much more secure, like I’m able to get my leg underneath me and feel like I’m sitting in the correct part of the seat. Here she is…

Notice the leathers that don’t match? Those came off my old saddle and I’m too strapped for cash to buy new ones. That brings me to the next change in my life…

Starting next week, both my kids will be at a babysitter while I’m at work. So that doubles my babysitting cost each month. I shudder to tell you what it costs. Let’s just say it’s equivalent to some people’s mortgage. Folks, for the next year, until my daughter starts free Georgia preschool (thank you Georgia lottery), I am going to be slightly poor. Not can’t buy groceries poor, but can’t buy fun extra horse things poor. My saddle will probably be the last horse related item I buy for a while.

No big deal though. I have a horse and that’s enough. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Change is good. Sometimes.

  1. Jenn March 2, 2011 / 4:19 pm

    Just a suggestion for the babysitting thing…have you tried any church-related programs or looked into some of the smaller, more private at home daycares? A woman I know had a baby and decided to quit her job to stay home, but she started another business as an in-home daycare. She only accepts four kids, total, and it’s totally affordable for most families compared to bigger “daycare center.”

  2. trainingbaron March 2, 2011 / 6:10 pm

    They’re at an in-home daycare with a great stay at home mom who does a lot of structured learning activities with them. It’s way cheaper than a regular daycare and I know my kids are in good hands. Even with the reduced price, it’s still a big chunk every month though. I can only imagine if I had to pay regular daycare prices!

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