Riding is my drug of choice!

Baron and my two year old

I forgot to tell you a funny story. The other day I went to ride and it was awfully cold outside. I thought I would be clever and ride in my Ugg boots. So I go to the barn, tack up, go to get on my horse and realize, “Oh crap, my feet won’t fit in the stirrups!” Ugg boots are so fat that the toe won’t fit in the stirrup. I managed to haul myself on Baron’s back somehow, crossed my stirrups and did my whole ride without them. It was a fantastic workout! I only walked and trotted, no cantering, but did a lot of sitting trot work. By the end of a 20 minute ride, my thighs were burning. Sitting trot is a gazillion times easier with no stirrups because I don’t have anything to brace against. So, long story short, it was a very productive ride.

Yesterday I rode again, this time with the other lady at my barn and her elderly mare, Lyric. We rode in the big pasture that Baron is terrified of, the one in which I got bucked off. With Lyric there, B was ever so much calmer; still a little jumpy, but manageable. At one point he spooked at a lone duck sunning itself next to the lake. Really Baron, a duck? You weight 1100 lbs, so if the duck wants to brawl, I’m pretty sure you could take him. After the duck spook, we jumped a little creek, more like a brook, and B was quite proud of himself. He did his best prancy canter; it was cute. 🙂

After yesterday’s ride, I was on such a high. Nothing spectacular happened, just the sheer joy of sitting on my horse and feeling the sunshine on my face. Riding is definitely my drug of choice. It’s as expensive as cocaine, but much healthier!


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