Thoughts and plans…

I googled “hunter pace” and this is what came up. There is a hunter pace not too far away in March and I would LOOOOOOOOOVE to go. This is something I’ve wanted to do since I got Baron and I’m hoping to get some friends together and take part this year. I am fascinated by fox hunting. I picture nattily dressed members of the upper crust bounding through the English countryside in pursuit of that wily ol’ fox. They meet for cocktails and fascinating conversation afterwards (just the people, not the fox). Here in small town Georgia, the hunter pace is as close as I’m getting to that landed English gentry fantasy.

Secondly, since I want to do a Walk-Trot-Canter class at the show in April, B and I had better get on the ball and learn how to canter prettily around an arena. I rode this weekend and tried to do walk, trot, canter transitions. They were awful. Walk to trot was fine; trot to canter was ugly. Baron would either trot faster or just swish his tail in annoyance and keep the same pace. Clearly I need to refine my aid for the canter. After a few tries I got a nice, quick transition and a few slow, controlled canter strides. As soon as he got it right, I hopped off and quit for the day. I wanted to reward him for doing the right thing. But clearly we have work to do. Isn’t is amazing how even the simplest things require so much practice??? Nothing about this is easy!


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