my new barn in the snow

I got Baron moved into his new home just in time. A snowstorm hit on Sunday and the whole city of Atlanta virtually shut down. I braved the icy roads to go feed Baron on Monday morning and, even though it was waaaaaay colder than we are used to here in the South, I have to say the snow was beautiful. The horses hadn’t been out yet, so the snow in the pasture was perfect and untouched. It was eerily quiet, no cars on the road, no people around, just a few birds chirping. I stood in the snow for a moment and thought for the millionth time how happy I am to have a horse and a little bit of quiet country life in the midst of suburbia. 

Baron checks out the snow.

Baron seems to be settling in to his new home just fine. He and Lyric (the 27 year old Morgan) are getting along really well. Baron follows her around like a puppy dog and she pins her ears at him if he gets too close. I felt a little guilty for moving Baron because I feel like he was very happy at the old barn. As a racehorse he was moved around to at least three tracks in three different states- Florida, California and New York. I feel like he was one of those military kids who moves around a lot and just wants a home, so I felt bad moving him again. On his first day he was very jittery and wouldn’t calm down enough to eat his dinner. But by his third day he seemed right at home.

I could not be happier with the new barn. It is 100 times cleaner and better maintained than the old one. Baron’s stall is bigger and it has Dutch doors, which I’ve always liked. I think we’re going to be very happy here!


One thought on “Snowstorm

  1. Oregon Sunshine January 12, 2011 / 10:41 pm

    I live out near the airport. We ended up with more ice than snow here. Funny, but I left behind my handy-dandy trusty cold weather stuff when we moved from Oregon this past summer. How I longed for ice grips and a snow shovel these last days! Snow is one thing, sheet ice is a whole ‘nother creature!

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