A horse to ride and a place to ride him!

A horse to ride and a place to ride him- that is, in essence, all I want. I’ve had the horse for two years, and finally as of today, I have a place to ride him. I have decided to move Baron to a new barn. It’s an 8 minute drive from my house and it’s the cutest little barn in the whole wide world. It looks like something off a Christmas card or a country life calendar- an old wooden barn with a fresh coat of red paint situated in a green pasture complete with a duck pond! I’ll post pictures soon, I promise!

The cost for board is $15 LESS than I pay now for the same amount of work. I will have to go to the barn to feed and do chores almost every day, but I go anyway whether I have to or not. Chores are not a problem for me; I love working at the barn. On top of having an affordable price tag and an idyllic setting, this barn has TWO, count them, TWO places suitable for me to ride. The first is a long, flat stretch of pasture between the pond and the woods. It’s big enough to canter and big enough to set  a course of jumps. The second is a separate pasture with a smaller flat area, and the owner said I’m welcome to set up a dressage arena if I’d like.  I will be able to take lessons at my own barn. No trailers! No hassle! Yippee!

There will only be two horses, Baron and a 27 year old Morgan who is retired. I’ll be the only one riding and I’ll have the whole place virtually to myself! I’m hoping to get Baron moved this weekend and set up in his new home.

Oh bliss! Finally I’ll have the facilities I need to progress with my riding! Oh happy day! If I could do a backflip, I would!


One thought on “A horse to ride and a place to ride him!

  1. Oregon Sunshine January 12, 2011 / 10:44 pm

    You have a trainer that will come to YOU? Lucky you! I haven’t been able to find one here yet that will come to me. *Jealous*

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