Merry Christmas to me!

My biggest gift this year will be that my horse did not colic despite his attempt to eat every last grain of feed in the barn. Someone commented that he has a strong constitution to match his strong German name. That must be true, because he showed zero ill effects from his binging. He is pooping normally, drinking lots of water, and is very “up” in his disposition.

When I was driving to the barn worried that I would find him ill and rolling, I realized how tragic it would be to lose him. He is the PERFECT horse for me, not necessarily because of size or color or ability (although I like all of those things about him), but because of his personality. I love how cheerful and easy going he is, always ready to play or have a treat. He has a mischievous side, like a giant four-legged elf. But when that saddle goes on, he is all business. Being a racehorse definitely gave him a work ethic that many people I know should imitate. He perfectly fits one of George Morris’ favorite words-  “workmanlike.” I am soooooooo glad he is okay. I can’t even imagine what my life would be like if he were suddenly gone. Less busy perhaps, but also less fulfilling.

Yesterday I was itching to ride since it’s probably been a month since my backside has touched a horse. I threw a bridle on him and went a couple times around the pasture bareback. He was so good! I even trotted with him a little and it was a soft, slow trot- so easy to ride, even bareback! I’ve decided to ride bareback more often. I think it will improve my seat and help me to quit relying so much on the stirrups. When I ride bareback, my legs hang down long and it feels more like a dressage position than when I’m in my hunter saddle. I also feel a little like an Indian squaw tooling around the Old West!


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