Horse ownership is not for the faint of heart.

Today I was at work minding my own business and who should walk in but my barn owner. He couldn’t get in touch with me by phone, so he came to see me. He is 75 and walks with a cane so it is a big deal that he came. As you can imagine, he did not have good news. Apparently Baron got out of his stall last night and proceeded to sample the contents of all the feed bins. Not sample really, more like gorge himself like a bulimic teenage girl. I am at a self care barn so every stall has a big metal bin full of food right outside the door. Some of the lids are attached with a bungee, most are not. Baron had made a HUGE mess in the barn hallway- hay everywhere, feed bins opened, and piles of horse dumplings everywhere. The worst part by far is that he ate close to at least half of a bag of feed. And you know what that means. There’s a chance he could colic.

Luckily the people I work for are like family to me, so they let me leave work and run to the barn. I called the vet and he said to let him eat hay and drink lots of water to move the grain through his system.  Baron was in his stall lying down and my first thought was, “Please God no!!! Tell me he hasn’t been rolling!” Thankfully he hopped right up when he saw me and he did not seem sick at all. His ears were up and he was whinnying to join his friends in the pasture. I handwalked him for a few minutes until he pooped twice and then I let him drink some water. One would think that after consuming that much food, Baron would have a heck of a tummy ache. But he seemed fine. When I was satisfied that he was not going to lay down and die on me, I let him out into the pasture with his friends and he trotted off to join them. I don’t run when I have a belly ache, so I’m guessing Baron wouldn’t either. Pooping is a good sign because it means his body is digesting the food, and drinking water is good because it’s aiding digestion.

The barn owner is going to keep an eye on him and I’m going back after work, so hopefully he stays chipper and healthy! Keep him in your prayers to the horse gods!


One thought on “Horse ownership is not for the faint of heart.

  1. Allison December 23, 2010 / 12:02 am

    Well it sounds like his stomach constitution matches his stout ‘German’ name! Thank goodness!! I hope there are no ill effects. Your heart must have been in your throat to see the barn owner walking in~!

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