lip curl
Surely you came to the barn with a treat and not just a camera.

It was so cold at the barn last night I’m surprised I didn’t see penguins and polar bears. The thermometer read 28 degrees, which is almost unheard of in Atlanta in December. It’s usually still in the 50’s this time of year. The water in Baron’s bucket and the hose were both frozen solid, along with my fingers.

I read a post the other day over at On the Bit’s blog about how to tell if a horse is cold. It’s here if you’re interested:  One way is to feel the muzzle and ears and if they’re cool, the horse is too cold. I went to the barn on Sunday and felt Baron’s ears and sure enough, they were chilly. He also had his tail tucked, which is another sign a horse is uncomfortably cool. So out came the blanket and he’s been under it ever since.

I checked his feet to see how they’re holding up without shoes. He seems to be doing fine- no major crumbling or cracking. I’m still going to wait a couple more weeks before trying to ride in case he’s  tender, but so far so good with my unshod Thoroughbred!

On a side note, I posted a picture of Baron with his lip curled up in the air. You know that rough spot on a horse’s upper lip? That is Baron’s “sweet spot.” He loves me to scratch right there and when I get it just right, he throws his head in the air and curls his lip. Every time I go see him in his stall, he nuzzles my hand until I scratch his lip. I think I read somewhere that horses have a lot of nerve endings there and, when stimulated, it causes a release of endorphins. That must be true because he is like a crack addict about getting his lip scratched!


2 thoughts on “Brrrrrrrr….

  1. Rebecca December 14, 2010 / 9:30 pm

    Mine crazy TB’s fav spot is right between his “man boobs”, between his front legs closer to his chest than his girth. He will put his head as high as he can in the air and nearly flops over. I used to have a horse who, if you scratched his belly, would put his head down between his front legs. It was hilarious!

  2. Allison December 16, 2010 / 12:24 am

    When our vet assistant massaged Dream’s lip once, she told my inquiring husband that it also helps calm them because of the reaction you spoke of.

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