2 Year Anniversary!

I bought Baron the Sunday after Thanksgiving in 2008. My husband and my new baby and I had all gone to NC to visit family and I remember looking at Baron’s ad on equine.com, emailing the seller and setting up a time to come out and look at him. We drove home from NC on Saturday, I met Baron on Sunday and I wrote a check on the spot. Stupid, I know, because I had no vet check and I had only ridden him once, but hey, some things are just meant to be. That was one of the best days of my life, right up there with my wedding and the births of my children. I had ALWAYS wanted a horse and my dream finally came true.

When I look back over the past two years, I never for one second regret buying Baron. He has been the bright spot in my life so many times, the one thing that relaxes me when I am stressed to the max and the fulfillment of so many childhood dreams. I had hoped to be much further along in his training by now (and my own riding skills), but even if I haven’t won any blue ribbons, I sure have had fun with him.

I got back into horses as an adult, after spending most of my twenties pursuing other hobbies that never ignited any kind of real passion. I worked out, I partied, I learned a little guitar, I travelled, I did yoga, I played soccer, etc… but none of those activities ever gave me the thrill I get from riding and being at the barn. I’m thankful to have figured out what I’m passionate about, the one thing I MUST have in my life to feel fulfilled, and that’s horses.

So Baron, here’s to two years and I’m hoping for at least twenty more! I want you to be my horse when you’re gray and crotchety. When you’re old and mellow you can carry little kids around the arena and teach them to trot. And then when you’re too old to carry anyone around, no matter how light, you can hang out in the pasture and enjoy your golden years!

Skinny Baron- Winter 2008
Fat (for a Thoroughbred) Baron - Fall 2010

One thought on “2 Year Anniversary!

  1. Allison December 13, 2010 / 12:28 am

    Happy Anniversary! Your Baron reminds me a lot of what my Dream looked like when he came to me in 2007. Here’s to at least 20 more together~!

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