Barefoot and Pregnant

Well, Baron’s going barefoot and I’ll never be pregnant again (hallelujah!). I just thought it was a cute title. But the point is, I’ve decided that Baron is going barefoot for the winter. I’m not riding enough to justify keeping shoes on him and it will save a pile of money. With shoes on the front like he currently is, it costs me $75 every 6 weeks. If he’s barefoot, it will only cost $40 every 6 weeks for a trim. That’s a big difference and I can save that money for riding lessons!

I will keep you posted on the transition to bare feet!


One thought on “Barefoot and Pregnant

  1. Rebecca December 6, 2010 / 6:25 pm

    My OTTB is barefoot for the time being also. It took a few weeks for him to not be ouchy, but now his frogs are huge and he is running around like nobody’s business. It would be wonderful to be able to leave him barefoot forever, especially for the wallets!

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