Back from the hospital…

I spent Friday through Monday of last week  in the hospital with my 5 month son. He’s fine overall, but he is underweight and they wanted to make sure he didn’t have any metabolic issues or kidney problems. We had to be there for 4 days of monitoring, blood work, etc… It was stressful, but being at the hospital was actually easier than being home and having to take care of two babies, a husband, two dogs and a horse!

I am hoping to ride this weekend in my snazzy new arena. I have only ridden in it once so far and we walked through Intro Test A. I’ve got to teach Baron to stay on the rail. He tends to wander if I don’t keep my leg on him pretty strong. He did very well walking the test; I was actually surprised at how well he listened to me and how precise we were in moving around the arena. Next step is to TROT when we’re supposed to! Ha ha, baby steps!

The arena is so small that you have to be extremely precise with transitions. There’s quite simply not enough room to lag behind when I ask for a trot or to shuffle for a few steps when I ask for a walk. Practicing in such a small space will probably be really good for us. We will have to have fast, smooth transitions and precise movements. There’s no room to get sloppy!

Also, I think Baron may really enjoy dressage. He does NOT like to be pressured, whether it’s to get into a trailer or over an obstacle. He’s very careful and he uses the thinking side of his brain very well. He likes having a chance to inspect things before he’s asked to fly over them. Dressage will help him to relax and become balanced. I’m very excited about this new development.

Look how fat he is!
Hi mom!


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