Guess who’s getting her very own arena…

Today I went to the barn and brainstormed with another boarder about how to get an arena without spending a fortune and losing all the space for trailer parking. My boarder friend came up with a great idea. We’re going to use the existing panels that make up the round pen, add a couple panels and arrange them in a rectangle. Voila! Instant arena!

The footing isn’t perfectly level, but since my barn owner isn’t having to spend money on fencing, he’s willing to work on leveling out the ground and maybe even putting in some sand.

There’s just one little detail. It’s will be the size of a DRESSAGE arena not a jumping arena. So guess who’s switching disciplines? That’s right! I am. The arena will be the size of a regulation dressage arena so I can ride tests in it and be practicing in the same size arena I would compete in. I’m honestly more interested in flat work than jumping anyway. The way I see it, I can show in dressage and hunter shows. In the hunter shows, I’ll just do the flat classes. My husband is thrilled about this change because he thinks jumping is more dangerous and he’s probably right. I can’t wait to order my dressage letters to put up around the fence!!!

I am very, very happy with this little development. I can FINALLY take lessons at my own barn. No trailering, no 4 hours away from my baby for a one hour lesson, no hassle! I just tack up, go to my lovely new arena and take a lesson! Yippee!!!


One thought on “Guess who’s getting her very own arena…

  1. rachelswillis October 3, 2010 / 2:16 pm

    Thats amazing! Can we use the arena to run the kids round and round? Maybe its time they learn to be rodeo clowns….

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