Finally got to take a lesson!

I love taking riding lessons, I really do, but I also find it a bit discouraging because success and progress are so slow in coming it seems. I had a one hour lesson on Sunday afternoon and by the time I trailered and loaded and rode and cooled down and trailered and unloaded, four hours had gone by. I have 2 children under two years old so 4 hours is a looooooooooooooong time in my world. That’s four hours away from my baby and four hours I’m paying for a sitter. It’s such a freakin’ production to go take a lesson that I’m exhausted by the time it’s all over. This just reaffirms for me that I NEED an arena at my barn because trailering off is not a viable long term option. I can’t afford to pay a babysitter and rent the trailer and pay for the lesson. It’s just too much. So I am back to the same old dilemma. I’m either getting an arena or I’m moving.

It had been almost a year since I had ridden in a lesson with my trainer. During that time I’ve been working on my own, mostly on trot transitions, some trail riding, and just hacking around. I think I’ve gotten a little better, but Baron probably isn’t very much more polished as a potential show horse. Mary said Baron looked fantastic. He has put on about 50 lbs and he’s starting to muscle up. But she said he is not ready for the show ring. He still tosses his head around if he gets irritated by the contact and I’m not able to control his speed as well as I need to be. He speeds up and slows down instead of maintaining a steady pace all the way around the arena.

During the lesson we worked on trot transitions and maintaining contact. I worked on keeping my hands still and waiting for him to realize that when he dropped his head the tension would lessen. We also worked on using the outside rein to control his speed. Mary was very happy with him overall and said he has loads of potential but needs fine tuning, especially about maintaining contact and speed.

Mary did tell me she doesn’t think we’re ready for the show this weekend. We are both rough around the edges and she would rather us wait until we can really shine. I agree with her. I want to win. Why spend all that time and money to lose? So I’m holding off on showing until she thinks we’re ready.

I am excited because Baron has so much potential, but I’m discouraged at the same time because turning him into a show horse takes a lot of time and money and I am short on both these days. If I could get an arena built at my barn, that would solve a lot of my problems so I’m going to keep pursuing that with my barn owner. In the meantime I guess I’ll keep trailering off for lessons and keep chipping away at my dream. Hard work pays off and I’m willing to put the time and effort in to reach my goal. I keep imagining how good it’s going to feel when I actually WIN a ribbon!!!


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