How to Build an Arena

If you read my blog regularly, you know that my barn has no arena (only trails and a small pasture) so I have to trailer off to take lessons. I’ve considered moving my horse, but where he is now is only 2 minutes from my house and I love having him so close.  I may have found a solution to my problem.  I talked my barn owner into sectioning off a portion of the small pasture to use as an arena.

We have a large round pen which is put together with sectional pieces. I’m thinking we can separate the round pen so that it’s not a circle, it’s a long line of fence panels. Then we can use the long line of fence panels with the existing fence to create a large riding area. It won’t be a perfect arena shape but it will do. There is a bunch of miscellaneous junk in the pasture that will have to be moved, but that is not a big deal. A small price to pay for an arena!

I did some research online about how to build a proper arena. It is a little more complicated than I thought. Here is a good article I found on how to go about building one. You can’t just level out the ground and dump some sand down. You have to worry about drainage. Some other boarders and I talked about plowing the ground up and then dumping sand on top, but now I’m thinking that’s not such a good idea. It may turn into a giant mud puddle without a layer of gravel underneath the sand to help with drainage.

So for now there will be no sand, just a grass arena, but for me this is awesome. I can set up small jumps and crossrails and I can take a lesson at my barn without trailering!!!


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