I’m baaaaaaaack.

Baron getting a bath.

Europe was freaking amazing even though I did not do any horse related activities. I did do a lot of drinking and dancing. Now I’m back to the real world of work, babies and barn chores.

Here’s what’s new: Baron has another small patch of rain rot. Gross. He lost a little hair but it’s already started to grow back. Other than that he is in fine shape. I had him adjusted by the horse chiropractor again so he should be feeling fit as a fiddle. I haven’t had time to ride since I got back from Europe but I’m hoping to get a ride in over the long weekend. It is so hard to find time to ride with two little kids.

I never heard back from the other barn about using Baron as a lesson horse in exchange for board, so for the time being I’m staying put. I do love having him 2 minutes from my house. If he were any further away I would hardly ever get to see him because I’m so swamped with my kids.

I’ll write more after I ride this weekend. I hope everyone enjoys their holiday weekend!


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