To move or not to move…

I went to check out the new barn this weekend. I had to haul both kids with me. My little girl’s name is Elle, and someone at the barn thought her name was Noel because of how many times I said “No, Elle!”

Anyway, the barn is fab-u-lous! It’s actually a riding academy so there were girls of various ages running around in shorts and paddock boots cleaning tack, petting the horses, cleaning up the barn and getting ready for lessons. When I was a kid it would have been my idea of heaven. The barn itself is nice with wide wash racks, big stalls and a lot of light. My current barn is very dark and kind of dingey. The arena is soooo nice with real jumps, not jerry-rigged jumps like I have! They also have cross country obstacles and lots of trails. It’s 15 minutes from my house, which is not far but I’ve been spoiled by being 2 minutes away. And, maybe the biggest draw of all, the people who ride there show together and they do rated GHJA shows. I would LOVE to have a group of people to show with!

The only downside is that I can’t afford to board at the riding academy. I would have to do a pasture board situation at the farm next door. I was fine with this until I saw that the pasture has no shelter other than trees. No way to  get out of the wind or the rain. I’m not comfortable with that. Baron has been stall boarded his entire life and while I think he would prefer a pasture board situation that would allow him to be out all the time, I can’t just stick him out in the elements with no shelter!

I’m going to ask if they’ll give me a discount on board in exchange for using Baron as a lesson horse. If they will, it’s settled, I’m moving. If not, I’m probably staying put because I’m not comfortable with the pasture situation.


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