Upcoming Show!

My first show of 2010 is July 31st. It’s the Paulding County Saddle Club show, a local fun show. I have no idea what to expect because I’ve never been to the show as a spectator. Typically I like to go check out a show before entering to get an idea of what the competition is like. My impression of this show just from the website is that it’s laid back and a chance for people to get out, have fun and show off their horses. The judge is an AQHA judge (hope she has a soft spot for TB’s!), so  I’m not expecting to be totally outclassed by a bunch of  uber-wealthy people on imported warmbloods. I’m looking forward to getting Baron in the ring, putting some show miles on him and having a chance to defeat my stage fright and show nerves.

Speaking of nerves, when I was in high school I sang the national anthem at basketball games. It made me so nervous I would throw up before I had to sing. I hate being in the spotlight, I am definitely a behind the scenes person. I was a cheerleader as well, but that wasn’t so bad because I was performing in a group and all the attention wasn’t on me. At my last show I felt the same way as I did in high school before singing- nervous and on the verge of puking. I’m really looking forward to confronting my nerves at this next show. It’s a local fun show; it’s not the freakin’ Rolex after all.

The classes I’ve picked out are:

  1. Beginner Walk Trot (probably me and little kids)
  2. Beginner Walk Trot Equitation (again, probably me and the 8 year olds). I am determined to ride well in this class because I sucked it up in equitation last time.
  3. Open Green Horse Walk Trot (this one should be adults, yay!)
  4. Open English Walk Trot
  5. Adult English Pleasure
  6. Open English Equitation

The odd thing about these classes is that unless they specifically say “English,” they’re combined Western/ English. I think that’s kind of weird, but oh well. I’m just excited to get out and show!


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