My killer new camera lets me take video and it also lets me pause the video and create a still picture. That’s how I got these two. The video I took wasn’t great, but the pictures are cute. The first picture was right after he hopped over the little crossrail. You can’t even call it jumping. In the second picture, he broke gait right before the crossrail and walked over it instead of trotting. So I was laughing and saying, “Let’s try that again.”

Even though it’s just crossrails that we’re working, I’m learning a lot about keeping him straight to the jump and encouraging him forward without losing impulsion. When he broke gait and walked over it, I knew I had become a passenger expecting him to carry me over instead of being an active partner and urging him forward. It’s also improving my flatwork because I’m having to look around my turns and keep him on the right path to the crossrail.

I also worked on cantering on my last ride. We just cantered up and down the dirt road. I took the advice of an instructor who commented on my post about sucking at cantering. I worked on leaning back a little so I didn’t perch forward. It went much better, but I still have a long way to go. I’m definitely not ready to do a canter class at a show. I’ll be sticking to walk/trot for a while.


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