We’re Jumping Again!

My husband and two year old are out of town so it’s just me and the baby, and it has been FANTASTIC. I only have one baby to take care of and the house to myself! With all my free time I’ve been able to ride more than I normally would. On Thursday I did a trail ride with my friend who used to board at my barn. He has two horses, both gorgeous paints with one blue eye, and he’s trying to sell one. He wanted me to ride Brooke, the one that’s for sale, in English tack so he could get some pictures to put up in the ad. I brought my hot pink saddle pad and it really popped with her black coat. Brooke’s nickname is Princess because she is very prissy. She is a more timid horse and very particular about getting her feet wet or muddy. She tends to be a little spooky and I had never ridden her before so I wasn’t sure how the trail ride would go.

Turns out Brooke was great. She had a couple opportunities to be spastic and she kept it under control very well. It was good for me to ride a different horse. I realized how comfortable I am with Baron. I’m used to the way he moves and I can anticipate when he’s going to spook. I had to up my game riding Brooke and get used to  different movement. I think it would be beneficial for me to ride other horses from time to time, just to keep me on my toes.

This weekend I got up early and rode Baron to beat the heat. I set up one ground pole and one crossrail on different sides of the pasture to make a sort of primitive course. You can’t really call a ground pole and a crossrail a “course” but it’s a start. Since I’m not working with a trainer, I have to come up with my own training philosophy and that philosophy is simple- take it slow and keep it simple. First we just walked the course. He stepped over the ground pole and the crossrail and he got a chance to check them out thouroughly before being asked to trot over them.  When I asked him to trot, he did wonderfully. He let me center him over the “jump” and he wasn’t looky or timid. I was also able to adjust his pace. When I ask for a trot he usually gives me an active, fast , sometimes rushed trot. That’s the racehorse coming out. When he’s asked to go, he goes! I wanted to go slow around my little pretend course and when I half halted him he gave me a steady, slow trot.

I was very impressed with our little “jumping” session. If he continues like this, I might even put him in a crossrail class at the July 31st show!


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