Next Show is July 31st!

Of the two shows I had to choose from in July, I picked the local saddle club show. It’s closer and they have a couple classes specifically for adults. I have picked out the following classes to participate in…

  1. Open English Halter- IF Baron has hair by then!
  2. Beginner Trail Walk/ Trot- Why not? I watched some trail classes on youtube and they involve walking over and through various obstacles. I think Baron will do fine. I’ve done so much ground work with him that he’s pretty good about putting his feet on new, scary things. Or we might totally suck. You never know until you try!
  3. Beginner Walk/ Trot
  4. Beginner Walk/ Trot Equitation
  5. Beginner Walk Trot Canter
  6. Adult English Pleasure 

They have lots of youth classes and some classes specifically for ponies so I’m hoping I’ll be showing against some other adults. As long as I’m not the ONLY adult in the class I’ll be fine. Geez, just throw in a fifteen year old even, someone bigger than 4 feet tall!


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