Horse Show Prep

The show is Saturday and there is  much to be done.  First, prepping the pony. I’ve been so busy working and popping out babies this spring that I didn’t give Baron his spa day like I normally would. The feathers on his ankles and the hairs on his muzzle and under his neck are long and scraggly. Yesterday I went out into the pasture and trimmed his feathers but I couldn’t get his muzzle very well. He wanted to graze, not play beauty parlor.  

Then I decided I would load him into the trailer once more. He hopped right on (oh how my heart swelled with pride!). As I was standing next to him, I heard a buzzing noise above my head. Yep, wasps or hornets or dirt daubers or whatever you want to call them were pouring out of a nest. I hadn’t even noticed the nest. Luckily we both got out of the trailer with no stings. Aaaaaahh, the great outdoors!

Surprise I found in the trailer
Ima sting you.
Baron and best friend Thunder
Lilies in the pasture.
The current state of Baron's rump.

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