In other news…

I have a good friend who used to board his two horses at my barn. He moved them way the heck up to the north Georgia mountains so he could trail ride in some spectacular places with waterfalls and gorgeous scenery. I think he got tired of only seeing them once a week so last week he moved them closer to home. His new barn is about half an hour away from mine and I’m going over to visit him today. He has two lovely paints, one red and white and one mostly black with a white mask. Both horses have one blue eye.

I love visiting new barns, seeing new horses, and meeting new horse people so I’m looking forward to visiting him. He also generously offered to let me trail ride with him and use one of his horses so I wouldn’t have to trailer Baron. Trailering just takes sooooo much time and I can’t be away from my baby for that long. Riding one of his horses means I would be able to go on a ride and be back home before the baby needed me. My husband can make do with a bottle for a few hours!

Yesterday I went to the barn and did Baron’s daily listerine treatment (no time for a full bath). I soaked him in listerine in all of the affected areas. As I was headed out the driveway, I saw Baron lay down in a nice sandy patch of pasture and roll his eight pound heart out. He then proceeded to get up, lay back down, and roll on the OTHER side. Oh well, at least he’ll roll some of the loose hair out so new growth can start!


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