I feel horrible.

One side- not so bad.
the other side- horrible
Horrible- how did it get this bad?

 At this point I feel like a bad horse parent. How did the rain rot get this bad? Granted, I live in a very hot, humid and lately wet climate, but still, this is severe! He has BALD spots!!! When I run my hand over his coat I feel tiny bumps under the skin and if I aggravate the hair it falls out in tiny clumps. The skin underneath is normal color and doesn’t look irritated or scabby and there is new hair growth coming in. I have stopped messing with the parts of his body that do still have hair to keep him from losing any more.

I religiously spray him with listerine every day, but seriously, this much hair loss is going to take forever to grow back. It is quite frustrating because he is finally in good weight and I was so happy that he was looking really healthy and fit. Now he looks like a mange case from the local SPCA.

P.S. – If I’m missing something and this doesn’t look like rain rot, PLEASE let me know.


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